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What is Your Next Step

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Approaching one’s 50th birthday can lead a person to thinking crazy thoughts. One crazy thought that popped in my head – and decided to stay there – was the idea of running a 10k during my 50th year. That thought turned into a goal, which led to buying a new pair of running shoes (Hoka’s!), and researching training programs.

Having found one that seemed reasonable, my wife and I recently began a training program designed to take you from the couch to running a 10k … in only ten weeks. It’s based on interval training: run for one minute, walk for a minute, repeat ten times. Each week it gradually increases the duration and number of intervals.

While we weren’t exactly couch potatoes, we weren’t really runners either. In fact, I often joke with audiences that if you see me running, do me a favor and call the police.

After two weeks, we had to slow down. Actually, I had to start icing my knees. Now, I’m incorporating knee stretches and strengthening exercises into my non-running days and can feel the improvement.

Every good 10k training program says the same thing: start slow and build up your endurance. Don’t go too fast too soon. Trust the program and believe you will see results.

In other words, you can’t go from zero to 10k in just one or two runs. For most people, not even in one or two weeks.

At age 50, I don’t often think of myself as a beginner … in anything. And that can be dangerous. Like most folks, I tend to want to see results sooner rather than later. No matter how much my mind might want to run a 10k right now, my body won’t allow it. It needs more than good intentions; it needs an increased capacity to endure and sustain.

Jim Rohn once said, “You cannot change your destination overnight but you can change your direction overnight.”

He was right.

I can’t go from sedentary to the 10k finish line in just one day. But I can take a step in that direction. Then another. Before long, I’m making progress towards my destination. A little longer, and I can see the destination. More steps and I’m there.

When it comes to your preferred destinations in life, don’t get discouraged if the destination seems too distant or unattainable.

Think next step.

What is the next step I need to take to move in the direction of my destination? After that, take the next step.

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